Lockjaw Surfboard Lock

Lockjaw Surfboard Lock

Lockjaw leash plug surfboard lock - Lock your surfboard to your roof rack

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This board lock provides a perfect solution for those looking for a quick and simple solution to preventing opportunist surfboard theft, which works with all boards fitted with a standard leash plug. Just loop the lanyard through a secure anchor point ie car roof bars, car alloy wheels, slip the lanyard loop through your leash plug attached the padlock and you have a safe board!

The system construction is based on a PVC plastic coated 4mm width, 2m length, stainless steel marine cable lanyard, so it isn't going to rust or ding your board. The flexible steel cable is used in shipping and has a massive breaking strain, so its going to hold your board! A determined thief can and will steal almost anything, but this product is a major deterrent and will stop the opportunist from making off with your prized possession.

Lock Jaw leash plug lock Features:

  • Security for all surfboards including custom, NSP, Bic etc
  • Only takes approx 30 seconds to fit
  • Shipping industry strength
  • Will not rust

Price Includes: 2m lanyard and 30 or 40mm padlock with plastic base (to prevent dings).