Hand Shaped Custom Surfboards

Custom surfboards shaped in Brighton by Daniel Lackey 

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Availability: Please email shop@sharkbait.co.uk with an idea of what you're after and we'll get straight back with a price

D HENRY BOARDS Shaped In Brighton With Californian Soul

Dhenry longboardAll DHENRY surfboards are made from Homeblown blanks. Homeblown blanks are made from a unique formula that is more environmentally friendly without the carcenagenic chemicals in typical blanks. They also have a unique ability to repel water. When you get a ding the foam doesn’t soak up water which means you can keep on surfing and worry about the repair later on. All boards are glassed in 6oz cloth as standard (10oz for logs), it is a little heavier but the added weight not only makes the board stronger and longer lasting but helps add to the glide.










£400 for a fish...Includes colour and glass-on keel fins, gloss and polish

£500 for mid length boards...Includes fin box, colour, gloss and polish

£600 for logs...Includes fin box, colour, gloss and polish (extra £50 for glass on fin)

Don't pay yet! Email your ideas or what you are after and we'll get back straight away with a price or call Daniel on 07976 097792 for a chat 

About Daniel Henry Lackey:

Surfboards with SoulIt wasn’t until I met John Holly that I really understood what a fish really was. He was there in ‘68 and again in ‘73 when David Nuuhiwa's copy was nailed to Ocean Beach pier. A fish is a simple board but has a very specific recipe if it is to behave as a fish should. I studied John’s boards, the rails, the rocker, foil and fin placement. I shaped a number of these boards for myself before I made a board that really worked. Every element of a board has to work together, the template works with the rocker, the fins work with the rail, and once these elements were aligned I found a board that really worked. I barely rode another board for over a year. When I started riding the fish my surfing changed completely. I felt like my surfing had improved 10 fold. Now I had a board that drove off of the front foot and drew a line in the wave that reflected my natural style. I was carving down the face faster than I ever had before, the float, weight and speed was carrying me straight through sections I would have never made on my thruster. From that day I never looked back. I still keep one thruster in my quiver but I now ride a number of different shapes. The surfing world is a lot bigger than many realise with a vast amount of experiences to be had. The other major influence in my surfing was the day I borrowed an original 60's Hap Jacob, a proper log. It was huge and heavy with a big 'D' fin. The wide point was pulled right back from centre with virtually no nose rocker. It surfed like nothing I had ever ridden before. It was surprisingly agile when you stepped on the tail but offered so much stability and speed when trimming. Most of all it was the glide. Smooth as silk. You could feel the weight of the board flattening out every ripple and carrying you effortlessly through every section. This is what longboarding was meant to be. My go to board nowadays is a heavy log. My logs have low entry rocker and plenty of volume, 10oz glass to achieve a glide seldom seen in contemporary surfing.


Every type of surfboard draws a different line on a wave and brings a different experience with it. This is what I would like to reflect in my board building. I build traditional boards not for the sake of being retro but because I believe in the validity of their designs. Just because a board was developed 40 or 50 years ago does not mean that it isn’t relevant to todays surfing. I have to credit George Gall of PlusOne in California with passing on the knowledge. He gave me the skills and techniques to build a surfboard. He does everything from start to finish and taught me that to be a good board builder you need to be able to do everything, shape, glass, sand, fin, pinline, and polish. I make every board from start to finish including foiling my own fins. Every board is unique and is shaped and glassed for an individual. My boards are colourful, they are glassed heavier than some may be used to but they will last longer and bring some much need glide back to those who ride them.


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