Paddle Photos 2014

In-water photos of participants of The Paddle Round The Pier 2014

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Here are the in-water photos from this-year's paddle round the pier beach festival. 


The links below will open up a contact sheet pdf file of photos taken. Have a scan through. If you find a photo you would like to purchase make a note of the number and come back to this page. Click on 'add to basket' then add the photo code you would like in the comment field in the checkout process (or just email me the details after you make the payment). 

Hi-res photos will be emailed to you and all the money raised will go direct to the Paddle charities (after paypal take their small percentage!). 


Sunday Paddle

Sunday Swim

Sunday Paddle Something Unusual


Please note that there maybe 2 or 3 photos taken of you in succession and if so we will email you all of them. Will will try to email your image as soon as possible but due to demand expect that it may take around 3 working days. You will recieve the original image at full size, (colours balanced quickly) and the image will be uncropped. The images are for personal unlimited use but not for commercial use without prior agreement.



Payment is made by paypal (click on the paypal logo on checkout). You don't need a paypal

account to make payment, just follow the paypal instructions to enter your card details.

Any problems feel free to email me